9D7N Tohoku - Hokkaido Tour Package
Tour code: 0907HOK
2024-01-18 TO 2024-12-20
9 days (9D7N)
All Nippon Airlines

• Sankyo Soko Storehouses
• Homma Museum of Art
• Ginza Onsen
• Risshakuji Temple
• Fruits Picking
• Tendo Shougi Museum
• Goshikinuma Ponds
• Hirosaki Castle
• Nebuta Museum WA-RASSE
• Tatehana Ganpeki market
• Goryokaku Tower

• Hakodate Omura Park
• Hakodate Beer Factory
• Nishiyama Sanroku Kako
• Fukidashi Park
• Toya National Park Silo Observatory
• Kamui Cape
• Otaru
• Sapporo City
• Shiroikoibito Park
• Maruyama Park
• Okurayama Jump Hill
• Hokkaido Shinto Shrine


SHONAI  Hohoemino Kuyufu Tsuruya or similar

TENDO  Koyokan Hanamaki or similar

AOMORI  Art Hotel Aomori or similar

HAKODATE  Hakodate Kokusai Hotel or similar

TOYA  Toya Nonokaza Resort or similar

JYOZANKEI  Jozankei Maseikaku Milione or similar

TOKYO  Tokyo Takanawa Prince or similar



Check in at Singapore Changi International Airport for your flight to Shonai.

 NH 844    SIN/HND  2220/0555+1

 NH 395   HND/SYO 1105/1205

  D2  : TOKYO  - SHONAI               (-/L/D)

  •  Sankyo Soko Storehouses, A vast storehouse for rice during Shonai region.It is famous for its high-quality rice production, and it's here that the rice is stored. The complex consists of 12 mud-walled storehouses. The row of keyaki (Japanese zelkova) bonsai trees were planted to protect the rice from sunlight and wind—adding a touch of elegance to the area. The area is also known as the filming location for the popular Japanese TV drama "Oshin."
  • Homma Museum of Art - Visit the Japanese Garden and Admire Artworks, On display is a collection of china and pottery alongside paintings belonging to the Homma family—the landowners who once lived in Sakata City.
  • Ginzan Onsen, Ginzan Onsen is a hot spring town with a retro-style atmosphere, located in Obanazawa City's mountainous area. Situated along the Ginzan River, its streets are dotted with hot spring ryokans (traditional-style Japanese inns)—some with a history spanning 100 years.

 If you go for a walk in the area, you'll feel like you've traveled back in time.  

Hotel: Hohoemino Kuyufu Tsuruya


All necessities including 3D2N CLOTHING to be packed in small luggage.

Big luggage will send by courier to Hakodate Hotel.


D3 : YAMAGATA – TENDO            (B/L/D)

  •  Mount Zao Ropeway* or Fox Village

*Depend on the condition of the Road

  •  Risshakuji Temple (Yamadera), is the local name given to the cluster of religious structures hewn into a steep mountainside overlooking a quaint village of the same name. It translates simply to “mountain temple.”
  •  Fruits Picking – Yamagata or Hirosaki Apple Farm.
  • Tendo Shougi Museum, Tendo city is home town famous for  of shogi (Japanese chess).   

         Hotel: Koyokan Hanamaki


  • Goshikinuma Ponds,  It is said that the “mysterious lake” is a mysterious place where the colours of emerald green, cobalt blue, turquoise blue, emerald blue, and pastel blue differ depending on the swamp. Aonuma in particular has such a beautiful colour that it cannot be thought of as something created by nature.
  •  Hirosaki Castle, is one of the top sights to see if you are in Aomori Prefecture in the north of Japan. One of only a handful of Japanese castles not rebuilt during the modern era, Hirosaki Castle stands as a monument to the country’s historic architecture.
  •  Nebuta Museum WA-RASSE is a facility that introduces the history and charms of the Aomori Nebuta Festival.

 Hotel: Art Hotel Aomori

 D5 : AOMORI -  HAKODATE      (B/L/D)

  •  Depart Hotel at 5am or 530am by coach to Tatehama Ganpeki Morning Market vv Journey 1hr 35min.
  •  Tatehana Ganpeki Morning Market, One of Japan’s biggest outdoor markets and draws massive crowds as well as a long list of vendors from around the prefecture. Farmers, chefs, craftsmen, baristas, and fishermen gather every Sunday from 5am – 9am.

Note: Leave latest by 0930am

  • Tatehama Ganpeki Morning Market to Shin Aomori Station for Shinkansen to Hakodate (Shinaomori – Shinhakodate)  @ 12:36pm
  •  Goryokaku Tower, This tower is 107 m high and its observatory decks command the entire view of Goryokaku Park. You can not only see the beautiful star-shaped fort but also Mt. Hakodate, Tsugaru Strait and the Yokotsu mountain range.
  •  Hakodate Night View, Fabulous night view! One thing not to be missed in a sightseeing tour of Hakodate

  Hotel : Hakodate Kokusai Hotel

 D6 : HAKODATE – TOYA           (B/L/D)

  • Hakodate Morning Market, Enjoy fresh seafood! Hakodate Asaichi (Morning Market) boasts approximately 250 stores offering take-home souvenirs, in particular, seafood products
  •  Hakodate Omura Park, is one of the gems in Hakodate.
  • Hakodate Beer factory, This was Hakodate’s first craft beer brewery, established in 1996. Only the best hops, malt, yeast and water are used—the water is drawn from natural groundwater under Mt. Hakodate every morning.
  • Toya national Park Silo Observatory, View Lake Toya from Silo Observatory.

Hotel: Toya Nonokaza Resort

DAY 7  :  TOYA – JYOZANKEI       (B/L/D)

  • Nishiyama Sanroku kako, Witness the nature’s wrath as you pass by abandoned structures and large craters as a result of previous eruptions (the last one being in 2000).
  • Fukidashi Park, is a relaxing and beautiful park by Mt. Yotei. What makes this park so popular is the pristine waters that can be found flowing along its streams.
  •  Kamui cape, the most popular place on the Shakotan Peninsula, a 360 degree view can be seen from the tip of the cape that protrudes into the deep sea.
  • Otaru, is the romantic city filled with exotic The city has flourished with herring fishing and was once the center of the economy of Hokkaido.

Hotel: Jozankei Maseikaku Milione


  •  Herring Goten Otaru VIP Hall (former Aoyama villa), The Old Aoyama Villa is a symbol of herring fishing, born out of the dream of a 17- year-old young woman.
  •  Sapporo City, Odori Park, Sapporo TV Tower (Photo Stop), Tokeidai Clock Tower (Drive Pass)
  •  Shiroikoibito Park, is a well-known brand of sweets in Hokkaido. At Shiroi Koibito Park, you can tour the production line, learn the history of chocolate from the display, and create your own Shiroi Koibito snack.
  • Maruyama Park, One of the biggest park in Sapporo that has shrine, stadium, and zoo.
  • Okurayama Jump Hill and take chair lift to go up the observation point
  • Hokkaido Shinto Shrine will show you what the Japanese traditional religion is like.

NH 084  07 DEC  CTS/HND    2120/2300

Hotel: Tokyo Takanawa Prince

DAY 9: TOKYO – SINGAPORE                        (B/L/-)

  • Visit Ueno, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Ginza for your last min shopping before your flight to Singapore

Note: To be further discussion

        NH 843    HND/SIN 0035/0700 +1